Coaching For IIT-JEE

Coaching For IIT/JEE

Lakshya Institute has one of the best and experienced faculty. The faculty is experienced in training student aspiring for IIT-JEE. We help our students in every problem related to their training. We provide the best coaching for IIT-JEE.

IIT/JEE Advanced has consistently been one of the hardest selection test of the nation. Along these lines, probably the most profoundly experienced and gifted personalities met up to give their praiseworthy direction to competitors of JEE Advanced. 

Two Years Foundation Course- Coaching For IIT

A two year foundation course is a two-year preparatory course for school-leavers who want to qualify IIT exams to get a better place . The course is almost entirely practical in nature, although increasingly elements of subjects have been introduced, and is viewed as adequate to qualify the individuals who give it to move to a degree course moving forward without any more investigation. It is the dominant form of entry to university and college degree courses in the India but versions of it exist in several other countries, particularly where British influence over education has been historically strong. 

Coaching For IIT


  • Completion of Syallabus According to new pattern of IIT-JEE/AIEEE
  • Printed assignments and study material
  • Regular tests(almost in every 15 days)
  • Stress on the concept building techniques
  • Proper stress on comprehension type problems and Match the followings.
  • Eligibility: XII Passed Students & XII Appearing Students
  • Duration: 2 Year

Lakshya Institute is a center point of several JEE Advanced instructors and it is hard for the student to pick one. There are hardly any key boundaries that would assist them with settling on a right decision. Peruse them beneath: 

  • Examine the training strategy followed by the instructing focuses. 
  • Check how qualified and encountered the employees are. 
  • What sort of courses/programs do they offer? 
  • Results delivered by them over recent years.


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