Why Lakshya

Why Training/Coaching for IIT-JEE ?

In a recently published book on IItians, Mr Saurabh Srivastava, All India JEE Rank 2 in 1963 said, “There is no exam in the world that cannot be be trained for. Nothing in the world is such that you cannot train for it and you become better when you train. If you train for Tennis, it does not mean that you’ll get into wimbledon. But you’ll certainly become a better player. What you can do, however, is see why whether the JEE is good enough, whether the questions that are being asked are truly and correctly testing your knowledge of fundamentals. But it will always remain trainable. “Which is where the coaching classes come and ply their focus on making their students practice relentlessly ever type of problem that has never appeared in the JEE, over and over again.

Why a student or parent chooses Lakshya IIT-JEE / NEET (UG) over other institutes:
  1. Well Qualified and Trained Faculties for Engineering and Medical Students.
  2. A Pure, Perfect, Faultless System of administration with strict discipline, not only for students but also for teachers & staff members.
  3. We provide relevant Study Material and Test Papers without leaving out anything and which are which are designed to the correct pattern and approved syllabus by institute’s teachers.
  4. We provide an environment of competition and learning which give the the necessary edge & exposure to students.
  5. Unmatched Results in Entrance Exams of IIT-JEE / NEET (UG).
  6. We provide Special Classes to clear the doubts of weak and shy students.
  7. Integrated approach of teaching which not only prepares students for entrance exams but also for school / board exams.
  8. The Courses are completed to the best satisfaction of the students and well in time. Sufficient time is slotted for revisions.
  9.  Apart from IIT-NEET (UG), we also provide guidance in your desired career.
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